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Sunday, October 22, 2006

more on lifehacking is another lifehack site (read: personal productivity), and I think I like it better than Clearly they're direct competitors; has a lot of cute webby stuff and some highly annoying glib health recommendations, one of I mentioned in my health blog today. As a web effort overall, I like what they're doing at, as well as the fact that the principles are women, but has more in-depth, better written (if a little raunchy and guy-oriented) articles, and this GTD ("Getting Things Done") stuff looks like... well, the stuff.

I have to say, after reading all this stuff about productivity, I can see why there are suddenly so many life-coaches about. You don't actually have to DO this stuff yourself, but it should be really easy to take people's money by TEACHING it! You just need to get your act together enough to put up a website. The market has got to be huge - capitalism makes us all feel inadequate about what we accomplish. I'm not saying there aren't good life-coaches out there, but the temptation of making a living by teaching other people how to make a living seems almost irresistible.

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