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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How trackbacks work

Every day, you should learn something new. That's what I tell myself when I find that I've blown three hours surfing, checking my blog stats, reading 43Things, etc.; I can rationalize it all by finding something really cool, especially if it's worth sharing with others.

Like trackbacks.

I keep seeing these trackback links in the comments area of people's blogs, and wondering what they're for. Simply put, these links allow someone you've linked to in your blog to know that you've linked to them. Looking at Technorati's links is another way to do this, and I can't tell you how that works. I'm assuming it helps lift your page rankings in Google and other standard search engines as well as Technorati. Anyway, here is a very clear, explicit description of how trackbacks work, and how to add them.

I'm assuming I'm going to get really quick at doing this, so it doesn't add yet another 20 minutes a day to my webplay/work.


Ruth said...

Emily, I keep learning terrific stuff from you. Thank you!

Andres said...

A la cama no te irás
sin aprender algo más! :)