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Sunday, October 01, 2006

another take on making money with your blog

Here's a link to Andy Wibbels' website about blog-based businesses. He's selling a bunch of products. There are some impressive claims here, e.g., making over $10,000 a month with your blog.

I've made $6.14 so far. My impression from watching my stats is that people by and large do not click on ads.

I'm sure I could use a little help, but jeez.

On the other hand, I do have some ideas for content I could actually sell.

Any thoughts? Anyone tried this?


Penelope Trunk said...

emily, i noticed that your blog is becoming a sort of diary of a new blogger trying to get attention. i love this becausee i went through many of the same steps you are but had no idea how common they are. now i know. so thanks for the posts.

the one that makes me laugh is the one about technorati. i went nuts when they were not updating my info properly. i sent them reminders and inquiries constantly. then a friend told me that it's an erratic site and it's in beta, but they catch up when they fall behind. so, i pass that info to you.

not that i have stopped worrying -- just i worry about different stuff, like that my blog has somehow fallen off of google's radar: insane. but i can't stop myself.

Andy said...

There could be many reasons to low income from a blog. Could be focus. Or niche. Or design. Thanks for sending people to the blog!