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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

learning about Web stuff

On a walk this morning I walked into a news shop that a wide range of magazines and newspapers from all over the world. They had a rack with about 20 computer magazines, mostly about gear, and a couple about general design. I was hoping to find one focused on Internet knowledge, web design, etc., but nope. As I walked on I fantasized for a few minutes about filling that niche, wishing I knew more about magazine publishing, but imagining all the ad revenue pouring in and supporting lots of deserving employees I'd recruited during my web travels. There was also the niggling concern about links - would it be a pain for users to retype weblinks from the printed page? A computer-savvy buddy, when I floated this idea, echoed that concern. Oh, well. Anyway, one thing at a time, girl, you need to take it easy and focus.

But I did find the following website which seems to serve a similar purpose, and I'm looking forward to digging into it: Web Developer's Journal. It appears to have articles for novices as well as more experienced geeks. If readers have other sources to recommend, bring 'em on.

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alcachofa said...

Thanks for the link Emily. An upcoming project will require me to wet my beak on some web design material, so I will keep my antennae up for good links/resources to send your way.


(Glad to see you back & posting!)