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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

it's a carnival!

I submitted three posts this week to a blog carnival; turns out that's simply a blog post, in which a volunteer blogger summarizes and gives links to a bunch of other people's posts that have been submitted to him/her. Pretty easy to do. This one was called Skeptics' Circle Carnival #44. There is at least one more on my radar screen, a medical blog circle. I think hosting such an animal would provide a fair amount of exposure in and of itself, but sounds like it takes a fair amount of work and organization.

I'm certainly seeing a whole lot of medical, health care, skeptical science, and related blogs out there, at least in the cross-sectional view. I also found a network of medical blogs but I'm going to hold off on joining that for the time being - it seemed a little corporate/marketing oriented, to be honest. And not a particularly good-looking site either (beauty above all else, you know).

The same group, though, is hosting a medical blogging summit this December, right here in Washington - I could even walk there! Heck, they should let me in at a big discount (it's $195) because I'm giving them free publicity. I don't know, though - talks on blogging in a hotel setting? I'm enjoying this and all, but that just sounds like a setup for a good nap to me... if they have good cookies and and I can give away a few business cards and pick up a free flash drive or two, maybe it's worth a shot, but right now I'm mostly just fascinated that such a conference exists.

(For all my faithful, tireless readers of both blogs, sorry for redundancy today between posts here and at the Antidote, but there was an overlap between content and process that seemed to want to be in two places at once.)

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