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Friday, January 12, 2007

Another blog-monetizing resource looks like a pretty professional site. I'll see what I can find there that's helpful.

But I'm still feeling the sting of Guy Kawasaki's recent revelation that he made less than $4K last year from his blog, which is at about number 45 in Technorati.

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RJS said...

The trouble with Guy's blog is that his target audience is very tech-savvy, and that the topics he writes about don't pay particularly well.

Combine poor payouts on advertising plus a web-savvy audience who probably don't even see advertisements anymore, and you've got a recipe for small amount of income, even from a relatively popular blog. Conversely, my small (but growing) pharmacy blog will generate over $1,000 this year, even though I've got only a fraction of the readership that Guy has.

Audience and content certainly matter.

Darren has a pretty great resource on blogging at ProBlogger, no doubt about that. I learned pretty everything I know about web monetization from his articles.

His archives are a treasure trove. I suggest you check out his Top 20 posts.